A few words about what we do

We are a Business Excellence Company

We specialize in creating custom-tailored, adaptable, and effective business solutions.

Our Quality Systems Process Improvement & Optimisation:

  • Process audit/evaluation of organisations’ context/risk assessment
  • Onsite process assessments/studies to identify opportunities for optimization
  • Identification of skills, roles, technology and procedures to create effective systems that supports growth
  • Deploy relevant standards and global best practices across the organisation scalable to business strategy and goals
  • Enhance regulatory compliance by incorporating relevant regulatory requirements into organisations’ processes

 Our Regulatory Compliance Services consist of:

  • Regulation analysis Compliance advice
  • Securing Regulators authorisation
  • Designing compliance manuals
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Regulations Implementation support
  • Regulatory enforcement advice
  • Communication support with regulator(s)

Our area of Expertise

We believe quality is not a “cost center” rather an asset that guarantees return on investment, through market competitiveness derived from sustained high quality of products and brand equity retention; our Experts ensures this, through our pragmatic service approach derived from years of hands-on experience.

Quality System Improvement & Optimisation

Augtwelve supports your business regardless of what stage you are in within the business life cycle, be it start up, growth stage, or advance stage; we are positioned to assist with your quality management systems development / improvement, global best practice integration, standardisation, risk management and process optimisation for improved productivity.

Performance management system

.Aligning operational line of sight/focus with strategic direction and organisations’ goals, requires deliberate monitoring tools to navigate organisations’ towards desired goals; at Augtwelve, not only do we support organisations with effective performance monitoring tools, we also provide excellent evaluation on the entire journey, towards organisations’ achievement in the market place .

Trade facilitation service

Global trade facilitation plays an important role in enhancing competitiveness, in trading of goods and services on time and with low transaction costs, but how well is your organisation maximizing this potential?…. At Augtwelve, our trade facilitation service gives you vantage position, as we leverage trade facilitation reform, trade systems, services, and practices, to protect and sustain your businesses’ sector/industry competitiveness.

In-Country Representation

At Augtwelve, our in-country representation acts as a liaison
between a foreign trading entity and the local Competent
Authority in Nigeria. To facilitate identification of the regulatory requirements and conformity conditions appropriate, both for companies that require market entry support or market retention or acquisition needs

Regulatory Consulting

Augtwelve regulatory compliance is a service to assist businesses to acquire the necessary authorisations, help them to stay authorised and support them in their contacts with their regulator(s). We analyse all the regulations that are affecting a business and look at the best way of being compliant and how a business can achieve this, both time and cost-effective.


Since the barter economy, knowledge has been the driving force behind the efficient and effective exchange system. The knowledge-based economy is only more amplified today because of innovations in technology that are rapidly changing the way we do things.
Despite global progress in trade relations and shared knowledge across business platforms, there are invisible walls still built along borders to prevent trade within Africa. A key remedy to bring down the walls is information…

Our Clients

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