Augpro in Africa, by Africans and for Africa

Africa is home to about 1.3 billion people and her population is expected to double by 2050.

Africa’s share of global trade is estimated at 3%, and attracts 5% of global FDI according to the World bank.

According to the African Development Bank,  60% of Africa’s involvement in the global value chain is limited to supplying raw materials and inputs for other countries’ exports production.

Official statistics put intra-African trade at 13% of the continent’s trade, few African countries do business with each other, due to the merits of exposure to bigger markets, new opportunities, a larger pool of capital, cheaper cost and higher consumer welfare status.

At Augpro, we seek to support value chains that produces and manufactures primarily for the African market, and also leverage this on behalf of  our stakeholders to engage and negotiate with the rest of the world.

Ours is a support strategy that provides multiple opportunities in Agriculture and Agri-Business – with emphasis on the localization of the entire value chain, derived from Farm-Transport-Process-Storage-Package-Market-Sell.

At Augpro, we harness the diverse local resources in-country to boost entrepreneurship and drive industrialization through innovation and technology.



Augpro is a Trade Support Organisation, that supports trade in Africa and by Africans through tech innovation. we are a function-specific trade multiplier organisation, in the areas of : • Standard and Quality Agencies • Export Packaging • Intl purchasing and supply chain management and • Capacity enhancement.

Our trade multiplier support benefactors are channeled into the Augpro easy trade scheme, to leverage investment in their produce and commodities across the continent.

The core aim of Augpro easy trade scheme is  to stimulate confidence and trust for trade, leading to quick closure of transactions, through regulatory compliance support services, encouragement of good global best practices, standards & quality conformity support schemes.



Since the barter economy, information has been the driving force behind the efficient and effective exchange system. The information-based economy is only more amplified today because of improvement in processes and innovations in technology that are rapidly changing the way we do things.

Despite the global progress in international trade and shared knowledge across global business platforms, there are invisible walls still built along borders to prevent trade within Africa. A key remedy to bring down the walls is information that costs zero.

Augpro is an all-encompassing field of information and support services, designed to increase awareness of both customer and supplier on business opportunities within the African region. It is a business intelligence platform that can be leveraged on to go beyond the borders and tap into cross regional markets within Africa and beyond.

Augpro, is a repository that shifts away from generalized information provided by search engines. It’s detailed, specific and hands-on information is sufficient and reliable for business and trade decision making and indeed closures.

Augpro provides services in four distinct areas; supplier directory, regulatory information, local and International standards compliance and customs documentation. With Augpro, the rewards are reduced transaction costs, simplified information on trade regulations, improved regulatory and standards compliance, and opportunity for businesses to be able to proactively estimate market and regulatory compliance costs from a risk management approach. And since laws and regulations are by nature constantly changing, Augpro is updated in time stamp to provide access to both current and old information.

Enhancing the trade environment, addressing barriers to trade in Africa.