Some words about us


We are a Business Excellence Company, with expertise in quality business solutions, we  do this by supporting quality systems process improvement, regulatory compliance , trade facilitation, performance management and in-country trade representation to foster sector growth for start ups, and advanced growth stage businesses, within a broad range of technical services and value chains across products and services.

Why choose us?

Navigating today’s complex business environment amidst the ever changing global trade regimes, requires technical support that yields tangible business results.

Linking Business Vision and Strategy with Customers’ expectation and Market trends, requires expertise that are not core to your business, this is where Augtwelve bridges the gap for your organisation. We provide quality business support services, in line with quality management standard,  tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.

We are a Business Excellence Company supporting you in surmounting real-world challenges facing the emerging market player.

At Augtwelve Consulting, practicality is of essence, our hands-on approach will challenge your usual way of doing business. Our risk management approach, tailored inline with ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System, will assist your business decisions to overcome market challenges.

Ours is to enhance your business  support structure mechanisms, through our process improvement methodology, that opens up potential opportunities for optimizing growth, improve and identify process  linkages, between your business strategy and your customers’ expectations.


Our Quality Policy

At Augtwelve, we provide quality management services that enables business excellence, throughout Nigeria and abroad.

We have continuously developed our expertise since our inception and our aim is to achieve a high standard of excellence in service to our customers.

Our policy is to provide our customers with services that meets their requirements for growth, at a competitive market rate.

Our Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for our quality control through our quality management system, through which we seek improvement by constant review, with our internal and external stakeholders being encouraged to conform.

We at Augtwelve are committed to achieving our customers’ satisfaction, through the use of quality standard operating procedures which are operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

Our Credo

We work hard to maintain an environment of “team work” because it gives us reason to …….

  • Speak Up

    Everyone has a voice and an idea that could change the way we do things. Go ahead and speak up.

  • Be Great

    We are all diverse in our ways and bring different strengths to a team. Be Great we want each one to use our strengths to be great.

  • Be Humble

    No one is right every time. Don’t act like you are. Extend grace to Be Humble to each other.

  • Be Passionate

    Passion drives people to do extraordinary things and most of all, Be Passionate the time it doesn’t benefit the person who is passionate

  • Fail Gloriously

    If you are going to try something different then give it everything, Fail Gloriously.

  • Open to Learn

    There is only one reason not to ask the question WHY, the only reason is when you are asking the question WHY NOT.

  • Make a Difference

    Take one day a month to volunteer.

  • Make people Smile

    Having an attitude that leaves people smiling always Make people Smile the best. Go ahead and have fun.

  • Be Family Focused

    When given the choice, choose your family

  • Go Above & Beyond

    How would you want to be treated in all situation? Do Go Above & Beyond that and then go one step further.

We offer quality business excellence solutions that are based on global best practice and adaptable to real-trade challenges facing emerging market players


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